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Andrew: "I could not have done this without you..How do others put up with all that bureaucracy?"

Ian: “You’re a legend Les.”

Jenny: ”Centrelink said I was not eligible and now I am on the full pension…”

Peter: “They gave me all these forms to complete and now I only need to complete two!”

Leonie: “Suspended..rejected…then you got my pension back within 3 weeks. Thank you..”



Helping you claim the pension
Avoid the Centrelink queues
Prepare Centrelink forms for you

Are you:

  • Tired of standing in Centrelink queues?
  • Confused by the 'bloated' claim forms?
  • Worried about online 'meta' data?


  • Let us be your age pension concierge.
  • We can do all the running around through the Centrelink maze.

Would you like us to:

  • Prepare your Age Pension claim forms?
  • Be your representative at Centrelink?
  • Ensure you get the full entitlement?
  • Deal with Centrelink whilst you are overseas?

We are the Centrelink age pension professionals who:


ASSESS your eligibility for Centrelink entitlements

PREPARE and submit your claim

MONITOR the progress of your claim

REVIEW and handle all your Centrelink reviews and updates


You never need to contact Centrelink, or never be contacted by Centrelink - we can do it all.


We use the latest IT tools to professionally prepare, check,  authorise and submit your claim.


You are provided with an electronic copy of your claim that we will prepare on your behalf and you will receive a copy of all Centrelink correspondence - to them and from them.




It is important to note that we are not financial advisors and we do not provide such financial advice. However, we do understand the Centrelink Age Pension claim process and we do provide advice on that claim process.


The best way to describe how we can assist you, is to provide examples of our range of services. So lets have a look at a sample of queries:


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Age pension calculator




Whilst we continue to update and improve our Pension Calculator it can only be set up as a generic service or indicator and can only be used as a guide to your entitlement.


If you have any questions, or suggestions to improve the guide, please do not hesitate to contact us..

Use our calculator to check current entitlements and how much you may lose in 2017

Centrelink resources


A quick link to key Centrelink common references and resource pages for the Age Pension





  • is an independent boutique business that specialises in providing services for those applying for the Centrelink Age Pension or ensuring maximum entitlement.
  • was created by Symbotic Pty. Ltd following a number of years developing software for organizations dealing with the Centrelink Age Pension process.  Now yourpension.com.au wants to assist age pensioners, potential age pensioners to claim and maintain the age pension. We just know how it works.
  • is Independent - we provide a link between Centrelink, your financial advisor, your accountant etc. to enure that the combined input provides full entitlement.
  • are Not Financial Advisors - we have no hidden agenda or products to push. We just know how to deal with Centrelink.
  • are a One Stop Shop for Centrelink - we do the running around, going to Centrelink, stand in the queue, answering all correspondence etc. - taking the hassle and stress out of the process.
  • Cost Effective - just pay for what you need. For simple queries, a Donation may be all that is required.


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Information Disclosure


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As a fundamental operation of the business, we undertake to liaise with Centrelink on your behalf. This includes obtaining permissions to pass on personal information to Centrelink and receive information from Centrelink about you.


We will not undertake to disclose any personal information without explicit written permission from the client in question, or their acting power of attorney.




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